Why I Raised And Donated $2,642 To Help Catie’s Closet Put Clothes On Hundreds Of Children’s Backs In The Merrimack Valley On St. Patrick’s Day 2016

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February 3, 2017
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Why I Raised And Donated $2,642 To Help Catie’s Closet Put Clothes On Hundreds Of Children’s Backs In The Merrimack Valley On St. Patrick’s Day 2016

In case this is the first time you are learning about me, I’ve been doing philanthropic work for families and causes facing ‘trying’ times throughout New England since I was six years old. I cannot state enough about how big, warm, and oh-so-right the feel-good effect is when our great community at Dream Bigville raises the level of hope for a cause that often believes the future is anything but ‘bleak’.

Now, instead of theorizing about how I am an advocate for what my dad calls “yo-man’s work,” I decided to begin building a portfolio of projects to illustrate how doing thoughtful gestures differently for causes and for folks who could use a little “loving-up in life” doesn’t have to cost a thing… other than, of course, doing a bit a selfless thinking and putting forth some effort.

Here’s What We Did With Catie’s Closet Of Lowell, MA In 2106

We’ve Worked With Monique’s Bath Showroom In Watertown, MA All 4 Years

Working With Former NE Patriot Jermaine “Wiggy” Wiggins Was A Blast

I’m Not Much Of An “I’ll Get To It Another Day” Kind Of Kid

Since 2013, I, with the help of a rock-solid leadership team have donated a total of over $4,000 to various causes that are near and dear to the values I want to represent at the highest level in life.

To review, in 2013, we helped my fellow kindergartners and “Sandy Hook Survivors” think about something other than the horrific tragedy.

In 2014, I donated $400 to the Walsh-Kennedy Memorial Fund, which commemorated the selfless service of two of Boston’s best fire-fighters who died in the line of duty.

In 2015, I wanted to help women get back on their feet in the workplace and donated $1,300 to Dress For Success foundation in Worcester, MA.

 Caties Closet Post Pic


…And just this past year, ironically on St. Patrick’s Day, I, with the support of dozens of Boston-based businesses, donated $2,642 to support Catie’s Closet.

According to their website, “Catie’s Closet improves school attendance and removes social stigma by providing an in-school resource of clothing and basic necessities to students living below the poverty line.”

To date, their staff of over 200 volunteers has opened up and donated over 1 million pieces of clothing through “kiosk-like storefronts” in over 37 schools in the Merrimack Valley area of Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire.

5 Reasons Donating To Catie’s Closet Compelled Our Team

  1. Catie’s Closet has a storefront location in my home town of Billerica, MA (at the Vining School). People rave about this when I tell them that this is the charity we chose to support.
  2. Catie’s Closet was the first charity that impacts thousands of citizens in my local community. I never realized how many kids don’t go to school because they lack the most basic essentials (i.e., clothes, toiletries, shoes, socks, etc.)
  3. We were moving our annual Skate-A-Thon event to the Merrimack Valley and wanted to align with a cause that serves their clientele in a superhero-like fashion 🙂
  4. We wanted to generate the kind of momentum so that celebrities and high-profile people and businesses in the Boston area and beyond would want to potentially support. In coming years, don’t be surprised if our donation amounts go up 10, 20, and even 100-fold.
  5. We had the opportunity to present our story to the Rotary Club of Billerica, MA who invited my parents (John Gosselin and Liz Melin), my 4th grade teacher and the principal from the Hajjar School, and several other notable community members, and we look forward to using this experience as a stepping-stone to working with bigger crowds soon.

I have to say, getting “Wiggy With It” on the ice at the Buckingham, Browne, and Nichols School (BB&N) in Cambridge, MA last year was so much fun… It was certainly a moment that will be forever breathtaking. “Wiggy” was so courteous with his time and never once thought twice about saying no to taking pics, signing autographs, playing pick-up hockey with us, and more!

I cannot wait to help next year’s cause generate the momentum that will have whomever we support and work with, and their constituents believing like they never have before in the beauty of dreaming big and in putting “service before self” when facing ‘trying’ times in life.

Thank you for supporting our team’s mission this year.

Zack Gosselin
Mission-Driven Marketer
Dad’s # Is (781) 248-5102
(Please Call Him w/Ideas)

P.S. – I wanted to take a moment to thank the sponsors of this year’s event:

Lead Sponsor – Monique’s Bath Showroom (Watertown, MA)

Lead Sponsor – Earn More Do Less (Zack’s Dad’s Company)

Gold Sponsor – Triumph Modular (Littleton, MA)

Silver Sponsor – Medea’s Home (Boston Area)

Silver Sponsor – Mow-N-Grow Landscaping (Carlisle, MA)

Silver Sponsor – Eddie Sullivan of Planet Fitness (Waltham, MA)

Bronze Sponsor – Cormier Builders (Weston, MA)

Bronze Sponsor – D & V Realty (Watertown, MA)

Bronze Sponsor – Moody Street Dental (Waltham, MA)

Bronze Sponsor – Alphonse Matrone, D.M.D. (Scranton, PA)

P.P.S. – If you haven’t downloaded my book “13 Ways To Put Service Before Self” yet, please fill out the form on my website and you will instantly access it.  FYI, I’d love to read your review on my FB page.

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