Why I Wanted A Website

What Being A “Born Winner” Means To Zack

I’m The Kind Of Guy Who:

…Talks to all the girls in my class — not just the prettiest ones.

…Admires how Tom Brady and ALL of the New England Patriot players want nothing to do with the Pro Bowl because it’s played the week before the Superbowl.

…Admits to linking TV shows like Jesse, Kickin It, Full House, Dino Dan, and everything about Sesame Street — who doesn’t love Elmo’s World?!

…”Mines the gold” in others because I believe people are so much more fascinating than they give themselves credit for.

…Thinks ‘tipping’ your mailman, paper-boy, members of your company’s marketing team – (hee hee, my dad owns a marketing agency), favorite gas attendant, and whomever else makes your life easier at holiday time is a must!

…Gets a chuckle from Peter Griffin’s chin 🙂

…Cries in my dad’s arms (many times they’re tears of joy) until he showers me with kisses (YEP, I’m a Leo!)

…Assumes being “better than I was yesterday” is on most people’s daily do-lists.

…Knows “teamwork makes the dream work” in life + it’s more fun at the top with others anyway.

…Puts being a more thoughtful older brother on my list of things to do, especially as my brother Caiden gets older.

…Lives by Rotary International’s catchphrase of putting Service Above Self™ in all that I do!

…Wants the bat in my hands with 2 strikes and 2 outs in the 6th inning with 2 runners in scoring position in a tie game.

…Understands that like a fine wine, the “Air Jordan” brands gets classier with age.

What Growing Up Zack Gosselin Is All About

Although the list up-above lets you know more about who I am and what makes me tick, the #1 reason I built this website was to show people that “being thoughtful and doing differently” isn’t all that difficult as long as you make putting relationships 1st and creating win/win outcomes a priority in life.

To being beautiful… to being you,

~ Zack Gosselin

P.S. – I put a cheat-sheet together to illustrate what “wannabe business owners” are and why being a wolverine is much more fun than being a poodle.

P.P.S. –  I was on the Matty In The Morning show for my 6th birthday on Kiss 108 – you’ve got to hear how this appearance ended 🙂