What Matters To Me

My 1st T-Day Turkey Trot
(3.1 Miles In 33 Minutes)

Not Taking Life Too Serious
Has Never Served Me Wrong

Making The People Who Selected
Me For A “Young Hero” Award Proud

“Ringing The Bell” With Daddy
And The Famous Yolanda Celluci

Getting My Hair “Did” By Nanny

We Got A Foul Ball At Fenway!

Working With Super Bowl Champion
Jermaine “WIggy” Wiggins Was A Blast

I Love Being A Role Model
For My Little Brother Caiden

Seeing Fire-Fighters Smile
Bright Is Always Awesome

I Love Putting Relationships 1st
With The People I Care About

Getting Mentored About How
To Build My Brand Excites Me

Raising $10,000+ For Charity At
My First 5 Skate-A-Thon Events